Workout Driver consists of a collection of music tracks composed in a way to act as a trigger for fitness workouts, with specific dimensioned blocks and structure to fit the progression of the exercise.

The beat helps maintain the correct speed of the movement, enhanced through the different moods swings throughout the song, which helps in emphasizing the action block, i.e. powerful and spurring during the repetitions, and smoothing for the rest time.

All songs have been made for workouts with 3 sets of 12 repetition and 1 minute for a rest time, but different beats per minute, to fit the different exercises.

Further, every set of repetition is introduced by a countdown, to start the exercise in time, like shown in the following schema:


The blocks are always set as follows:

  1. Intro: gives time for preparation (warm-up)
  2. First set: 12 repetitions, synchronize with the beat
  3. Rest time: 1 minute relax
  4. Second set: 12 repetitions, synchronize with the beat
  5. Rest time: 1 minute of relax
  6. Last set: last set of 12 repetitions, synchronize with the beat
  7. Outro: gives the listener time to reach the next exercise